Frenquently Asked Questions

Our Bon Appétit dishes are almost fresh, they are refrigerated NOT to freeze, ready to eat, in 2 minutes in the microwave or 3 minutes in the oven, no preparation necessary, just reheat and eat, all the nutritional values are preserved, the taste is succulent, they are designed in accordance with the Canadian food pyramid.

Our dishes are prepared every Saturday and delivered the next day, Sunday well refrigerated

All of our basic ingredients are local; we try to use local products as much as possible to contribute to our economy, especially oils, vegetables, meats, chickens, fish, seafood, etc.



Very easy! Go to the menu, click on the photo you like, add to the cart, once your order for the week is over, make the payment and wait for us on Sunday for your delivery, you can also place your order by tel 514 377 9584, it will be our pleasure to assist you

Yes, it is better to sign up, and it is beneficial for you. For each new registration, you accumulate points, for each order you also accumulate points, also for referrals, there will be promotions where you can redeem your points for Plats Bon Appétit.

The size is not the same, the one for dinner is heavier it contains a larger portion, more calories (about 650), while the one for dinner contains about 350 calories.

Hygiene is our concern, our team will be decontaminated every morning upon entering, wearing hair covers, gloves and face masks is mandatory,

The ingredients received are examined, stored in our refrigerators, following high standards of storage, the entire kitchen is cleaned at the bottom at the end of working day and the utensils are sterilized each morning.

The difference between these two options is that our single servings are served with a side of starch and veg while the low carb option is served with a double serving of veg. You will also notice that the pasta options found on our single serving replace the salads in the Low Carb option.

A single serving can start with $ 6 or also $ 8.5 for lunch and $ 12.5 for dinner, family meals will start with $ 32 for a family of 3, and increase by $ 11 for each additional serving.

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