Confidentiality & Conditions

We drag your attention to protecting the privacy of our customers, and we are committed to keeping
the personal information collected through our website strictly confidential, we are committed not to
trade or sell or do anything what type of transaction with any third party in Canada or Elsewhere, we are
committed that our employees and partners will treat this information with the highest degree of
confidentiality that we do ourselves, knowing that your financial information (credit card, debit etc) will
never be saved on our web site and none of us, our employees or any other party will have any access to
this type of information which will be protected by our Monneris thruster while processing your

It should be noted that in the world of technology and the internet, and despite the highest systems of
protection, there is a risk when transmitting personal information.

We also undertake to respect the statements of the
Canada’s Privacy Act

The personal information we collect is as follows:
Last name, First name, postal code, telephone number, email address, postal address (for delivery), this
information will be collected through interactive forms on our website.
This information will be used for follow-up, delivery, statistics, packaging, contact, customer service,
promotions, etc.
This information will be collected when establishing interactivity between you and our website


  • If you suffer from a nutritional allergy, it is very important to notify us by checking the type of this
    allergy in the “ Dietary restrictions ” section which appears in several places on our website, as well as in
    the “ Order notes ” section. (optional) `When finalizing your order.
  • However, we do not guarantee that there will not be traces of an allergen in anyone of our products
    who accidentally was exposed to it, even if this allergenic ingredient is not listed on the product sheet
    on our website or on the label of the product ordered.
  • If your allergy is severe, we strongly advise you not to consume Plat Bon Appetit products.
  • The nutritional facts and ingredients that appear on each of our Meals are those commonly used in our
    recipes, however, they may vary depending on availability which generates a limited difference in the
    nutritional values indicated,
  • To guarantee the freshness of our Plat Bon Appetit products, we advise you to keep the containers
    delivered to you, at the back of your refrigerator immediately upon receiving them and for up to 7 days,
  • To heat your plat Bon Appetit Meals, in the microwave or in the oven, always remove the cover from
    your container.
  • – Plat Bon Appetit products are not exchangeable or refundable at any time and especially in times of
    Covid-19 pandemics.
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